Malay Wedding in Kuala Lumpur: Omar & Katrina

We flew out to Kuala Lumpur for our first ever wedding shoot there. We were pleasantly surprised by how different it was compared to malay/muslim weddings here in Singapore! We got Omar & Katrina to share their love story and wedding with us…

Omar & Katrina met in school when they were only 14 and 13 years old respectively. That’s over a decade ago! (Not revealing the bride’s age cause, you know, never do that. Haha!) Being really young, they got in and out of love till only two years ago. We enjoy hearing first-love stories like this!

Omar proposed in both the traditional and modern way. “I had to impress both her parents and also have a romantic story to tell in case my future kids ask about the proposal”, Omar said. Good thinking mate! He reached out to Katrina’s parents for her hand in marriage and on Katrina’s birthday earlier this year, cooked up a two-course meal for her and got on his knees before popping the question. Katrina, being the cheeky girl that she is, said no (jokingly) before saying yes while shedding a tear or two!

What was the most memorable bit about the wedding?
“My father’s speech! We felt so thankful to be blessed with wonderful family and friends who helped out with the wedding” – Katrina.

How did you feel during the wedding and when you saw him for the first time?
“He was looking like a Pendekar Melayu (Malay Warrior), so handsome! I also felt things went too fast, wish I could rewind and savour every moment (without the stress) of being the bride.”, said Katrina. She also shared how she kept playing the words “Smile, Katrina, smile. Walk properly. Eat gracefully.” as she is naturally clumsy. Well, we think she did great!

Katrina loves her wedding dress, made of Songket material with gold beadings and lace, from Khanaan Shamlan (Jakarta) that she joked about wearing it for Hari Raya.

If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?
“Nothing! It was perfect the way it is.”

Describe your wedding favours, the idea behind it and the message you wanted to convey.
“We gave small purses made from Mengkuang leaves in various colours as wedding favours – the idea behind it was that we wanted something local and classic, yet reusable for our guests.”

Describe your wedding cake.
It was a pulut kuning for luck, happiness and prosperity.

Wedding Planner: Pak Engku & Kuzie Catering
PA system and LED Screens: Kaiser & Bryan from Cratfman Team
Bride’s dress: Khanaan Shamlan (Jakarta)
Flower girls’ outfits: Poya Boutique
Make-up: Mawar