Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Simplifai Studios a registered business?

Yes, it is registered under the name Simplifai Studios. Our Business Registration Number is 53125961K.

Q2: Why is it important to hire a Professional Wedding Photography/Videography service from a registered business?

It is important that a business is recognised by the authority. This simply means that you will be hiring a dedicated group of individuals who are running a business legally and does not dodge taxable turnovers.

Q3: Why Simplifai Studios?

We have full time team members who are 100% committed to Simplifai Studios.

We follow very strict guidelines in backing up photos/videos from every wedding to protect the clients and us from any digital mishaps that may happen (e.g. corrupted disks).

There is also stringent quality control on all photographs and videos taken by our photographers/videographers. The team meet up frequently for training and discussions.

We have 10 years of clients’ feedbacks under our belt that prepares us for the craziest of unforeseen situations during the wedding.

We do not participate in bridal shows. Nor do we have a permanent physical studio. This non-commercialized approach frees us from hefty operating expenses and gives us the following advantages over other companies:
1) Well-paid, happy crew who are not overworked.
2) More time for training as we do not need to fill up our calendar to cover hefty operating expenses.
3) More moolah to keep our equipments current.
4) Virtually zero chance of going out of business.
5) Fast responses to clients’ requests.
6) On-time delivery of products.

We pride ourselves in the amount of background effort that we put in to make our work among the best out there. 

Q4: What is your preferred style?

We prefer taking a journalistic approach to Wedding Photography and Videography and simplistic/minimalist style in album designs. This is because, it is proven that minimalism is timeless and very pleasing to the human eye. 

Q5: What is journalistic Photography/Cinematography?

In a nutshell, it is the art of observing a subject and capturing without his/her knowledge; almost like a sniper! We feel that this non-intrusive method brings out the best in capturing their natural emotions. However, we strongly believe that certain posed shots are crucial. Such as the bride with her parents/siblings and formal photos of the bride and groom.

Q6: Do I get to choose the kind of style I want my wedding to be shot in?


Q7: How many photos will you take throughout the event?

We shoot digitally. This means that there is no reason for us to limit the number of shots taken during the wedding. It also prevents missing vital moments. On an average wedding day, our photographers take over a thousand photographs.

Q8: Can I have two photographers to cover my wedding?

Yes. Even three or four, at an additional charge.

Q9: Do you guys do retouching work (editing) on every single photo?

Yes we do. We retouch the photos conservatively so that details, highlights and shadows are well-balanced. This gives you (or your future children!) the chance to add custom filters to the photos in future. Having said so, you are also allowed to choose the colour tone that you prefer for your photos.

Q10: Can I take a look at sample Premium Photobooks?

You may view some samples here. You may also arrange an appointment with us to view physical samples.

Q11: How much does it cost for wedding photography/videography coverage?

We have packages starting from S$1,199. You may drop us a message for our latest price menu. Please include your wedding date(s) for an accurate quotation.

Q12: Do you offer installment plans?

Yes we do. Please drop us a message for more information.

Q13: Why the name Simplifai Studios?

Well, we realised that a lot of wedding couples prefer to plan their own weddings these days. Our goal is to simplify this process for you guys. We also believe that less is more when it comes to design. Simplicity and minimalism do not go out of style and are very pleasant to the eyes. It’s timeless.