Presenting our Menu of Multiple Edits

A little while back, our team at Simplifai Studios started drafting out an exciting new programme for our Photography clients. Before we start, a little background story on why we are doing this.

We understand how much everyone love photo filters (like the ones in Instagram). In recent years, we have had clients asking for a specific kind of edit to their photographs (vintage, vibrant, B&W etc.).

However, we have been really reluctant in releasing heavily edited photos to our clients. Here’s why. A whole lot of details are lost whenever a heavy edit is done to a photograph. This means that the client would be stuck with that same edit for the rest of his/her life and not be able to do anything much with them. Yes, the same photographs that the future generations will see. Remember how we mock at our parents’ wedding photos? Let’s end bad photographs with our generation. We strongly believe that the only ageless beauties are variants of B&W (Black and White). That photo filter that everyone love, is just a trend.

So, what are we introducing? Quite simply, the freedom to have multiple edits while still having the conservative, Original edit, safe in one folder.

What’s the damage? Don’t worry, it will not cost you a bomb. As an introduction, we are offering this service at reasonable prices. For 5 selected edits, the prices are listed below:

Past clients (we haven’t forget about you!) – $99.
New and current clients with packages from $2,200 onwards – $79.
Non-clients (up to 500 photos) – $199.

With plans of expanding, we have a collection of 20 beautiful photo filters to choose from at this moment.

Please keep in mind that this is offer is only for a limited time.
Drop us a message via this page or send us an email at [email protected] for further inquiries.